A Perfect Day on the Western Cape

As I am sitting here freezing in Jozi, I thought this might be a good time to write a bit about some warmer days or rather, my trip to Cape Town last month. I was fortunate to get sent down for work to attend WTM Africa, so I decided to go a day early and stay a day after to get a in little play-time as well.

This was not my first time to Cape Town but my first visit since moving to South Africa and because I had already done many of the touristy things, I didn’t plan a single thing. I was just looking forward to being in and around Cape Town, wherever my days would take me.

I had flown in late the night before and woke up to some gorgeous views from our 6th floor balcony in the heart of Sea Point. I really enjoy this neighborhood and have stayed here on each of 4 visits to Cape Town. I probably should branch out one of these times but then why mess with such a good thing ?

Lion's HeadLion’s Head, view from our apartment

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Soweto by Bike

As you may or may not know, Soweto is a township in Johannesburg and is an acronym for SOuth WEstern TOwnships. During apartheid non-whites were forcefully removed from whites-only areas and townships were created in order to house those who had been evicted. Even though apartheid was abolished more than 20 years ago, the townships live on. In many cases, townships aren’t really places that most non-residents will venture into, however Soweto is one very notable exception. For the past several years, Soweto has been a stop on the typical sightseeing tours of Joburg due to its many historical attractions.

Lebo's BackpackersLebo’s Backpackers

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Troyeville Walk With Ancient Secrets

We recently joined Ishvara Dhyan of Ancient Secrets for his guided walk of Troyeville. I had been wanting to do one of these walks for some time as Ishvara’s focus is on cultural and historical aspects of various inner-city neighborhoods in Johannesburg. As a relative newcomer to Joburg, I know very little about most of these places but the more I read, the more fascinated I become with the diversity found here.

Troyeville HotelTroyeville Hotel

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A Bit of Gemütlichkeit In Jozi

Gemütlichkeit is a German word that can be a bit difficult to translate. It is often described as a feeling of friendliness, comfort and coziness and we recently got to experience this right here in Jozi.

On May 24, 2014, the German International School in Joburg held its 107th annual Schulbasar (School basar) and we were lucky to be invited to tag along with some German friends of ours.

SchulbasarSchulbasar Entrance

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A Long Weekend at Malealea Lodge in Lesotho

In my prior post about Lesotho (pronounced Le-SOO-too), I showed you just a preview of this magnificient country and now I want to tell you more about the place where we stayed, Malealea Lodge. The lodge is located in a remote part of western Lesotho and when arriving, you will feel like you have been transported back in time, way back. The people live mostly as they always have here. They grow their own food, raise their own livestock and live in traditional Basotho huts without running water or electricity. These people are do not have much in terms of material possessions however the smiles and greetings you receive from everyone you pass are bountiful.

View from Malealea LodgeView from Malealea Lodge

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