A Perfect Day on the Western Cape

As I am sitting here freezing in Jozi, I thought this might be a good time to write a bit about some warmer days or rather, my trip to Cape Town last month. I was fortunate to get sent down for work to attend WTM Africa, so I decided to go a day early and stay a day after to get a in little play-time as well.

This was not my first time to Cape Town but my first visit since moving to South Africa and because I had already done many of the touristy things, I didn’t plan a single thing. I was just looking forward to being in and around Cape Town, wherever my days would take me.

I had flown in late the night before and woke up to some gorgeous views from our 6th floor balcony in the heart of Sea Point. I really enjoy this neighborhood and have stayed here on each of 4 visits to Cape Town. I probably should branch out one of these times but then why mess with such a good thing ?

Lion's HeadLion’s Head, view from our apartment

SeapointIn Sea Point, ocean view from our apartment

Our first order of business for the day was breakfast with a view. We found this along the Sea Point Promenade at a cafe called La Vie (the life in French). They have a lovely patio area and we grabbed a front row table where we could watch the day unfold. I succumbed to the call of Eggs Florentine with some avo on the side and had absolutely no regrets, it was quite good. But the best part of breakfast was a pod of over 100 dolphins that went swimming by the coast as some kayakers were paddling about, just so amazing. I have never seen nearly so many together before. I really love living in Joburg, but it sure was good to be back at the beach.

Eggs FlorentineEggs Florentine with Avocado

DolphinsA pod of 100+ dolphins. Unfortunately not a great photo shooting from across the road but here it is.

Next up was a short stroll along the Seapoint Promenade to take in some fresh ocean air. It was also a great day for paragliding and we watched as several gliders sailed off the top of Lion’s Head and landed safely in the park along the promenade. I swear I WILL do this one day.

Sea PointSea Point, Robben Island off in the distance

Lion's HeadLion’s Head and the top of Table Mountain in the background

Sea Point PromenadeSea Point Promenade with paraglider coming in for a landing

After our walk we decided we would take a drive down to Cape Point. It is a spectacular drive that we enjoy every time we do it. For the past couple of years I have been wanting to do the Olifantsbos Shipwreak Trail but we always got sidetracked in the park and never got around to the hike. This year we made it as far as the tourist centre and bought the map but still didn’t make it to the hiking trail.

Twelve ApostlesTwelve Apostles

Fall WeatherFall Weather

BeachWhite sand beach at the start of the scenic Chapman’s Peak Drive

Leopard RockLeopard Rock overlooking Hout Bay

Hout BayHout Bay

Chapman's Peak DriveChapman’s Peak Drive

Noordhoek's Long BeachNoordhoek’s Long Beach. Often people are horseback riding here.

Driving through the Cape Point Nature Reserve we were fortunate to spot 3 colorful Bonteboks (a type of antelope) grazing a bit off the road. Once at the tourist centre, a family of baboons kept us entertained (some others, terrorized) and my camera joyfully clicking away.


Mama baboon and babyMama baboon and baby. Way too cute for words.

Papa Baboon was hugePapa Baboon was huge (and a bit scary)

View from Tourist CentreView from the Tourist Centre

By the time we made it out of the tourist centre we were starving and decided to have lunch at the Two Oceans Restaurant before heading out on our hike. The restaurant is so named as it sits at Cape Point, with the Indian Ocean to the east and the Atlantic to the west. We were lucky to get a terrific front row table on the terrace and this is where all plans for a hike went flying out the window (or off the terrace if you’d rather). A chilled glass of sparking wine was a perfect start to our lunch as we gazed off into the horizon.

As you may suspect, Two Oceans specializes in seafood, of which neither of us eat unfortunately. The Carnivore was however quite pleased with the Roasted Pork Belly and there were a couple choices for vegetarians from which I decided to go with the Pumpkin Gnocchi. It was really a lovely meal including efficient and friendly service.

Sparkling Wine with a ViewSparkling Wine with a View

Pumpkin GnocchiPumpkin Gnocchi

Roasted Pork BellyRoasted Pork Belly

By the time we had finished savoring our lunch and the views, it was much too late to start our hike. We did however attempt to salvage a bit of exercise time by climbing to the top of Cape Point for a few more photo ops.

Beautiful AloeBeautiful Aloe

Cape Point LighthouseCape Point Lighthouse

A long way from homeA long way from home

We headed out of the park just as the sun was starting to set. Even though our hike was put off once again, for me it was a perfect day. We arrived back in Cape Town just in time to freshen up and go out to dinner with my colleagues but I think I will save that for a future post. After the conference we had one more day that we enjoyed in Stellenbosch so stay tuned for more Western Cape adventures soon.

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