44 Stanley and the Salvation Cafe

A couple of weeks ago we were out to dinner with some friends and a discussion about dining in Joburg ensued. We are always on the lookout for new restaurants to try, especially those that are not contained in some type of shopping or strip mall that is unfortunately all too common here in the northern suburbs. Our friends enthusiastically told us we must go to 44 Stanley if we want to experience a place with a little more ambience than those which feature the typical extended view over a parking lot.

The next morning we were looking for a nice place to have lunch before our usual Saturday grocery shopping excursion so I had a look at the 44 Stanley website. I learned that 44 Stanley is not a restaurant but in fact an assortment of restaurants, specialty shops and designer studios, all tucked away in a restored warehouse complex. Even though 44 Stanley is a good 25 km from our home, my interest was piqued and off we went in search of a hot new lunchspot.

44 StanleyEntrance to 44 Stanley

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