Visiting the Union Buildings in Pretoria

A few posts back I wrote a bit about our November visit to Pretoria to see the Jacarandas and promised to write more about the trip later.  Pretoria is about an hour north of Joburg and one of the 3 capitals of South Africa (Cape Town and Bloemfontein are the others).  There are quite a few sites to see in Pretoria, however as our main goal for the day was to see the Jacarandas, we headed straight to the Union Buildings which I had read is the best place to see them.

Union BuildingsUnion Buildings from the Garden Below

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In a Sea of Jacarandas

On our arrival to Johannesburg at the end October we were welcomed by the most beautiful flowering trees we have ever seen, the Jacarandas.  Their shimmering purple petals give Johannesburg this wonderful glow and I found myself enchanted by their beauty over and over again.

Jacarandas from my officeView from my office of the Jacarandas dusting the Jo’burg skyline

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