A Historic Walk Through Kensington

Kensington is a suburb just east of Johannesburg CBD (Central Business District). Established in 1897, it is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Johannesburg. This area is rich in history and a couple of weeks ago we had the opportunity to do a historical walk in Kensington with the Fun Seekers Johannesburg Meetup Group.

Our walk started and ended at the Kensington Bowling Club (traditional English lawn bowling, not the indoor 10 pin style). There were 2 different planned walks, a 4km and a 7km walk. We had initially decided to do the 7km walk in order to explore more of Kensington however what we didn’t know was that it was also planned to do the 7km walk in about the same time as the 4km one. Within the first 5 minutes we found ourselves already lagging behind in the slow group (nothing new here) as we were enjoying snapping photos and listening to our wonderful guide Isabelle reveal the fascinating heritage of Kensington.

The Kensington ClubThe Kensington Club

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Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve

A couple weekends ago we joined a Meetup group for a lovely hike in the Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve. This reserve is located just 10 km south of central Johannesburg in Mondeor and is home to many species of birds as well as many larger mammals such as springbok and zebra. Even though we had just gotten back from Kruger National Park where zebra sightings were a daily occurrence, one can never get enough of zebras and I was very excited to do this hike and see them so close to home.

Klipriviersberg Nature ReserveKlipriviersberg Nature Reserve

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Lonehill Nature Reserve

A couple of weeks ago we moved to Lonehill, one of the northern suburbs of Johannesburg.  We spent the first 3 months in Pineslopes, right next to Lonehill, and while living there we discovered the lovely Lonehill Nature Reserve.  The first time we visited was on a sunny and quite hot New Year’s Day and it was then that I set out on a mission to find us a place to live in Lonehill.

Lonehill Nature ReserveLonehill Nature Reserve

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Melville Koppies – Back to Nature in the Heart of Jozi

South Africa is a true paradise for nature lovers like us, and before moving to South Africa, we spent a lot of time reading and dreaming of all the places we could visit on quick weekends away from Joburg as well as longer, extended trips all over the country and surrounding areas to get our fill of the great outdoors.  We looked at living in Joburg as sort of a gateway to all the places we really wanted to see in South Africa; just a big city that we would try and escape from as often as possible.  Jump forward a couple months and I am happy to report that you don’t need to escape Joburg for a nature fix.

Before moving here, we had never visited Joburg and I was very surprised by how green it is here (said to be one of the greenest cities in the world) and also totally enchanted by the beautiful, blooming Jacarandas when we first arrived.  We soon discovered that there are many nature reserves right in Joburg and the Melville Koppies was one of the first we visited.

Melville Koppies Nature ReserveMelville Koppies Nature Reserve

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