Learning to Drive a 4×4

Before moving to Jozi, we spent a lot of time talking about what kind of cars we wanted to buy once we got here.  I had already decided we needed a 4×4 to help us get the most out of our planned African bush experiences but Yannick was not yet convinced. Eventually we would need 2 cars once we were both working as it was unlikely it would be convenient to carpool.  We ended up renting a car for the first 3 months here while we were deciding what to buy and also to get our other car sold back in France.

About a month into our stay here, following on a couple of weeks of heavy rain, Yannick announced that he thought we should indeed buy a 4×4 as soon as possible for our first car to help us navigate through the pothole ridden, flooded streets.  Now, of course there are plenty of non 4×4’s successfully maneuvering through Joburg but that is his story and he is sticking to it.  And who I am to argue ?

My dream car i.e. what we didn't buy as it was 3x over our budgetMy dream car i.e. what we didn’t buy as it was 3x over our budget

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