Globetrotting: Nice to Zanzibar to Kruger National Park

The past 6 weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind of travel for me so I thought I would do a quick update to let you know I am still around and looking forward to sharing my recent adventures with you soon.

The beginning of November had me back in Nice, France for a work trip. Incidentally I left for this trip exactly one year and one day from the date we moved to Joburg. It felt a bit strange to be back in Nice (or more precisely Sophia Antipolis where our offices are located) and I really feel Joburg is home to me now. It was a hectic week of conferences but a great experience to meet fellow colleagues from all over the globe. We didn’t have much free time at all and I didn’t even get a chance to see old friends but we did manage a few hours for a nice Sunday afternoon around Antibes, much needed after the long, hellish flight from South Africa.

Flying into NiceFlying into Nice

Port of Antibes with Fort Vauban in the backgroundPort of Antibes with Fort Vauban in the background

Beach at Antibes in NovemberBeach at Antibes in November

RoséSipping a bit of Rosé on a sunny November afternoon is bliss

I won’t be doing anymore posts for the moment about Nice as this trip was all work, work, work but I will probably be going back in March and will hopefully have more time for some friends and fun.

Next up was an unexpected work trip to Zanzibar. I was asked to participate in a panel discussion for some of our clients about current trends in business travel which was just a fantastic opportunity, and besides, who wouldn’t want to go to Zanzibar? We were based in Stone Town which I found to be incredibly beautiful and intriguing. Our clients also organized an amazing evening of dinner and dancing at The Rock, an iconic restaurant off the east coast of the island. We had a bit of free time to explore so I will be working on a blog post soon but here are a couple of preview photos.

The Palace MuseumThe Palace Museum, Stone Town

The RockArriving to The Rock by boat at sunset

Less than 12 hours after my arrival back in Joburg I was off on my next adventure, a 17 day camping trip to Kruger National Park which is my absolute favorite place on Earth. We just got back last night and I have thousands upon thousands of photos to sort through but we had the best trip ever. Kruger never disappoints and we experienced an incredible variety of sightings of the big and small creatures of the park. It was our first time in Kruger in the summer so I will have a lot to say about that later but here are couple photos from my phone while I start working on the rest.

View from Olifants BridgeView from Olifants Bridge

Kruger BabiesSo many little ones in the park at this time of year

African Wild DogAfrican Wild Dog (pack of 6) on our way out of the park. What luck!

SelfiePlaying with the Selfie mode on my phone

I have a lot of catching up to do but hopefully I will get some more posts out soon. I also want to wish everyone a wonderful holiday season however you may be spending it and thanks so much to all who have been following along on this blog for the past year. I hope 2015 brings much joy and happiness to you all.

2 thoughts on “Globetrotting: Nice to Zanzibar to Kruger National Park

  1. Ah, Kruger Park and Zanzibar! I had great times in both places with friends and loved ones. In Zanzibar, I stayed at the Dolphin Bay area so that we could go dolphin watching in the morning. I can ‘hear’ from your post how much you enjoyed yourself.


    • It was a great month for sure! I really want to get back to Zanzibar with my partner as we didn’t really have any beach time and I have heard the scuba diving is really good. I will have some more posts coming soon about Zanzibar and Kruger, thanks for reading!


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