Norscot Koppies Nature Reserve

I have written before about some of the nature reserves we have visited right here in Joburg such as the Lonehill Nature Reserve and the Melville Koppies. There is another one that we have been meaning to visit for quite some time and we finally did so at the end of September.

Norscot Koppies Nature Reserve

The reserve is called Norscot Koppies Nature Reserve and it is located in Douglasdale in the Fourways area, only about 5 minutes from our home. It is only open every second and last Sunday of the month so you may need to plan ahead a bit. Entrance is free however a small donation going towards the upkeep of the reserve is always appreciated. Visiters are required to sign in and out and the friendly ladies at the gate will be happy to answer any questions you may have about your visit.

HadedasHadedas greeting us at the start of the trail

There is a circular, well-marked self-guided trail winding through the reserve. You can print out a detailed trail guide from the reserve website or buy one from the ladies at the gate. The variety of wildlife and bird species is surprising considering this reserve is right in the middle of a residental area so keep your cameras at the ready.


Flowering TreeFlowering Tree

There are several rock koppies (Afrikaans for hill) throughout the reserve that can be climbed for those hikers looking for a birds-eye view.


The reserve also contains 2 bird hides. The first is located around marker #10 and overlooks a small dam. To get to the second hide, continue to the left after leaving the first hide. You will then cross into another section of the reserve known as the Kingfisher Bird Sanctuary. Continue towards the dam and you will reach the second bird hide.

First Bird HideFirst Bird Hide

Walkway to the bird hideWalkway to the bird hide


Crowned LapwingCrowned Lapwing

TortoiseTortoise – we saw 2 of these, both quite large

Second DamSecond Dam – the jacarandas are just starting to bloom in the background, I bet they are spectacular right now

Red BishopRed Bishop – so colorful

Red-knobbed CootRed-knobbed Coot

Crossing the DamCrossing the Dam

Tortoise having his lunchTortoise having his lunch

Tortoise ClawsTortoise Claws – those are some toenails

BlesbokBlesbok – they were in a group of 4 but quite skittish

The Norscot Koppies Nature Reserve is a great little place to spend a couple hours and I highly recommend you stop by for a visit (remember they are only open the 2nd and last Sundays of every month). I really enjoyed this little reserve and I just love the fact that places like this exist right here in the city. See you soon Norscot.

Norscot Koppies Nature Reserve

8 thoughts on “Norscot Koppies Nature Reserve

  1. I never even knew this existed! It’s amazing to me how many of these little koppies are tucked away inside Joburg somewhere. I’ve been to Norscot Manor many times – starting with my ill-fated try to regularly use a public library in Joburg which I finally gave up on and ordered Kindles for all my kids instead – and I imagine the Koppies must be close by, but I never even suspected something of the sort in that area! Same as Lonehill – you really only find it when you’re searching for it, and then there it is, much bigger than you think there is space for. Kinda like Hermione’s magic purse in Harry Potter…


    • I would have never known about it but I drive by everyday for work. The entrance is on Alexander Rd, just a bit off of Douglas. There are so many great places here in Joburg to discover, we have gone back to Norscot several times now. Thanks for stopping by !


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